Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Blog

My blog about change
This blog is about change it is an assignment that quite honestly I was not looking to forward to doing. However, this is an assignment, and if I want to pass the class it would be best if I embrace the assignment.
Change in my life along with everyone else in the planet is never ending. It’s how I handle what is changing that affects the way I think and what I do. A good example of change is my decision to attend college at 46. What was I thinking; to this day I cannot be sure why I thought this would be easy.
Well regardless of how I got myself here, I’m here now; dealing with midterms, test anxiety, and finals exams. This is how change happens for me, I make what I think is a good decision and that decision can end up affecting my life for 3 years or more. I am currently 49 and still in school.
Enough said, about my pessimistic views on my decision to return to school in my 40’s.
This blog is supposed to be to record my personal enlightenment that will come from my art classes, and a little about me. 
I look forward to posting pictures to show you how my art is progressing and how I felt about the assignments.