Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Change, all all this new technology

I have had so much trouble posting on Blogger. Because of this  I have not been able to update my blog lately. After many tutoring sessions I have finally figured out how to post a blog. I’m pretty sure my kids wish I could figure things like this out on my own. Oh well, I think them teaching me to use the computer and it software is a small price to pay after all; I had to endure their teenage years. My art projects are coming at me like balls at a dodge ball game. I hope I can give each project the time it deserves. Stay tuned I will learn how to post pictures next.   
Change- Letting go
In life we must learn to let go apparently in the art world it is very important to learn that lesson.  This week ones last week’s class assignment was to mix a bucket of plaster, weeks 2 was to carve something out of nothing. I felt I would be good at this since I always feel like I can make something visually pleasing out of nothing.
 When I started my project m first objective was to make it lighter. That usually falls right in with my personality, when I find something difficul.t I first analyze the situation then try to lighten the situation. So I began to make holes in the plaster I made so many holes that I lost perspective with my project.
 It looked like an old fashion water pitcher with holes in it. The other students were kind in their comments. They commented that it looked more like a reef or coral.  It’s safe to say I did not like it my finished project.
 Week 3 is where letting go came in to play. The instructor went through a critic of all the sculptures she proceeded to inform us of what could be done to make each one better. Then she announced that we had to choose another student sculpture and make it our own. I heard several gasp over the news. I did not like my sculpture but I had grown attached to it. Now I had to let go of my creation, my baby, no matter how ugly the sculpture was I felt a mild sense of loss. Well I did what any one would do I quickly grabbed a sculpture I felt was the prettiest one and made it my own. I wish I had posted a few pictures of the one I lost. However I will be posting pictures of  my new sculpture.