Wednesday, May 29, 2013

life Changes

Sorry, and when I apologize the apology is mostly for myself. I tend put myself on the backburner for so long that I neglect to do the things that I really enjoy, such as my blog or art. When I began my blog I started it as a class project to document the changes in my art. I titled the blog Change. The title fits for the direction that I will take my blog. I want to document my changes in life. My life was a perfect as could be I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I had a loving man, financial security, and then doom came. Just like that Change came into my life my perfect man changed and so did my life. I should have known better than to trust my life to someone else but I did.  I won’t go in to details just know change happened and what I want to focus on is how change affected me. Change is happing in my life my weight, school, and much more. I let you know how it goes.

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